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Physician Training

This program continues to train the next generation of physician-scientists who will be future leaders in the treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. The Turn the Corner Foundation (TTCF), in collaboration with ILADS, continues to make the Physician Training Program (PTP) our most successful program. One of the participants in this year's PTP, Judy Leventhal, is now our ILADS membership coordinator. Dr. Ann Corson, one of the first physicians to complete the PTP and now a PTP faculty member, will give the first annual PTP lecture at ILADS' annual conference. ILADS has also printed its first PCP brochure.

This is the first year that ILADS has launched workshops at its annual scientific meeting. These six accredited workshops, consist of: 1) Fundamentals w/ Horowitz and Burrascano; 2) Research w/ Cameron, Steve Harris; 3) Primary Care case discussions w/ Raxlen and Stricker; 4) Sub specialty discussion with Jemsek, Corson and Shor; 5) Psych Social issues w/ Leventhal, Shea, Berenbaum and Statlender; and 6) Complementary w/ S. Bock, Gordon, R. Patel, and Kinderlehrer.

Dialogue with the media

There were a number of opportunities for dialogue with the media this year as a result of: 1) the Connecticut Attorney General's antitrust investigation, 2) the movie "Under our Skin" and 3) a series of new books, including CURE UNKNOWN by Pamela Weintraub, and BEATING LYME DISEASE by Constance Bean, Leslie Fein and THE SINGING FOREST, a JOURNEY THROUGH LYME DISEASE by PJ Langhoff. A number of balanced features followed on TV (ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN), radio (Sirius satellite radio, Sue Vogan), and in newspapers ("The New York Times", "Argus Press", "Stanford News", etc.). For example, Karen Fowler's interview with ILADS physicians at our 2007 annual ILADS professional conference led to a series of three ABC featured articles. There were also a number rapid response letters to the editor written by ILADS members in response to editorials written by Dr. Poretz, the president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA); Dr. Baker, the incoming executive director of the American Lyme Disease Association, and Drs. Wormser and Steere, authors of the 2006 IDSA's Lyme disease treatment guidelines. ILADS' press breakfast, held November 2007 prior to the Dr. Jones decision, helped build relationships with the media leading to better coverage. National Lyme disease education:

ILADS continued to testify at hearings held by legislatures at the state and national level, as well as speak with representatives of the Department of Defense, hospitals, and local physicians regarding the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme and its associated diseases. ILADS sponsored well received booths at two professional medical conferences this year. Bob Bransfield partnered with the National Capital Lyme Disease Association to staff an educational booth at the 2008 American Psychiatric Association annual scientific conference. Betty Maloney organized and staffed a booth at the 2008 American Academy of Family Practice annual scientific conference. A primary care brochure was produced this year under the leadership of Dr. Betty Maloney with the same degree of enthusiasm and dedication that had gone into the creation of our long- running psychiatric brochure. In addition, a new brochure was edited and produced that provides information on the prevention of chronic Lyme disease. The ILADS website now under construction promises to be a major step toward promoting ILADS as a leader in Lyme disease education.


ILADS continues to support its physicians' commitment to evidence-based medicine, and to advance the standard of care. ILADS advocates a continued dialogue between its members and the medical community at large. We are preparing written and oral testimony to submit to the IDSA guideline committee as they prepare to reexamine their guidelines.


ILADS has committed to four hours of workshops at this year's ILADS professional conference to review and constructively critique a growing number of individual research projects, including the work of Joe Burrascano, Steve Harris, Daniel Shor, Judith Leventhal, Leo Shea, Ray Stricker, and myself. Congratulations to the authors of a number of professional letters and articles including Ray Stricker, Lorraine Johnson, Sandra Berenbaum, and Bob Bransfield. I thank Rich Horowitz for spearheading a fundraising program by the ILADS membership to create an ILADS public relations program. The public relations effort was broadened considerably with the generous financial support of the Turn the Corner Foundation (TTCF) to include support for physician training, building relationships with the media, and national educational campaigns including prevention of chronic Lyme disease, and advocacy. TTCF also continues their collaboration and financial support of our Physician Training Program. The California Lyme Disease Association (CALDA) continues to offer financial assistance to actively practicing MDs, DOs, NDs, NPs or PAs in any state who hope to attend the annual ILADS scientific conference, and will pay for their first year of ILADS membership. I appreciate the generous gifts from a number of individual donors. Finally, I would like to thank all those who were not mentioned in this letter. Thanks everyone again for all your support for ILADS professionals and Lyme disease patients.