Add Your Voice To The Roar on LymePowerOfUs Walls.

Lyme disease is a global issue with 100s of 1000s of isolated and very sick people. Very often, because they are so sick, they are people without a voice. Across the globe people are speaking out to end the Lyme disease epidemic and finding their voice on the LymePowerOfUs Walls.

Join us under a unified message: "The Power Of Us To Bring About Change. Join The Roar.”, a compelling call-to-action that emphasizes the power of people around the world joining together with one voice to communicate the importance of Lyme disease awareness.

  • LymeWall

    You are the face of this disease & you have a unique perspective and passion to share with the world, and that is a powerful thing. Your stories are an inspiration, heart wrenching & help raise awareness of Lyme disease and, in turn, impact many other people worldwide.
  • HonorWall

    The LymePowerOfUs HonorWall gives friends and family a powerful way to celebrate their loved one's unique story. With grace, courage and determination, these silent heroes fight each and every day to regain their health or to help others. Donate in honor of your loved one.
  • RoarWall

    Across the globe people are speaking out to end the Lyme disease epidemic and posting what they want to see changed on the LymePowerOfUs RoarWall. Do you want the same thing? Add your signature to a Roar, or post your own. Complete this sentence: I  WANT _________.
  • SocialWall

    Across the globe people are talking about Lyme disease on social media. The Lyme SocialWall brings this conversation together in one place. If you'd like to be part of the conversation, Tell Your Story and input your social media information and we'll add you to the Lyme SocialWall.