Lyme HonorWall. Stories Of Courage.

The LymePowerOfUs HonorWall gives friends and family a powerful way to celebrate their loved one's unique story. Share your loved one's story and photo and inspire others to do all they can to end the Lyme disease epidemic. With grace, courage and determination, these silent heroes fight each and every day to regain their health, to help others or have lost their lives to Lyme disease.

Honor someone who fights daily to live with Lyme disease or helps others, or honor a lost loved one by Donating In Their Honor .

Tribute To:
All People With Lyme
New Hampshire, USA
In Honor Of All people with Lyme disease:
I want all who suffer with Lyme to know how courageous they are.
Donations made in Honor of all people with Lyme disease:
Heather Tobin
Laurie Martin
Tribute To:
Dr. Nick Harris
California, USA
In Honor Of Dr. Nick Harris:
We are so pleased that you are being honored for you work and dedication. We are proud to be your friends.
Donations made in Dr. Harris's Honor
Tribute To:
Dr. Eleanor Hynote
Napa, California, USA
In Memory Of Dr. Eleanor Hynote :
In memory of Dr. Eleanor Hynote, dedicated Lyme physician. Rest in peace.
Donations made in Honor of Dr. Eleanor Hynote:
Judy Loring
Tribute To:
Nolan Kelly
Winslow, Maine
In Honor Of Nolan Kelly :
Nolan is an inspiration to all those who are suffering from Lyme! He spent 2 of his young years battling this disease and after being treated for a year and a half, he is a healthy and very happy 8 year old! We got our child back and couldn't be happier! Rely on friends and family to help you and keep you positive. Carry on, don't give up and know that if Nolan can do can YOU!
Donations made in Nolan's Honor:
Jenn Kelly
Tribute To:
Aline Harris
California, USA
In Honor Of Aline Harris:
Not only has she been a loving wife, a terrific mother, and a proficient homemaker, Aline has been an enabler -- in the finest sense of the word -- for Nick Harris. Through smooth sailing and rough seas, she has given him unconditional support and encouragement, working with him side by side on all his projects. Dr. Nick Harris deserves all his accolades. Aline deserves recognition for her part in his success
Donations made in Aline's Honor:
Ellen Feinstein
Tribute To:
Robert Leavens
Pennsylvannia, USA
In Memory Of Robert Leavens:
Despite battling the debilitating effects of chronic Lyme disease for four years, Robert "Rob" Leavens was becoming his old self again before he died Saturday from injuries sustained in a fall from his skateboard. Jim Leavens said he blames Lyme disease, which affected Rob Leavens' motor skills, balance and reasoning.
Tribute To:
Salvatore Grieco
New Jersey, USA
In Memory Of Salvatore Grieco:
Salvatore 'Sonny' Grieco of North Bergen died on Friday, March 15, 2013. Sonny is survived by his parents, Salvatore and Carol Grieco, his loving sons, Salvatore and Paul. He is survived also by his sisters and brothers, Patricia, Gail, Barbara, Stephen and wife Kim, Carol and husband John. He worked for ABF Freight in Carlstadt and was a wrestling Coach at St. Peter's Prep.
Donations made in Salvatore's Memory:
Suzanne DePietro
Susanne Lavelle
Beth & Michael Jones
Marla & Stuart Glenwick
Marla Glenwick
Margetts Sunshine
Katy Murray
Barbara Brady
Tribute To:
Isabel Beltran
California, USA
In Honor Of Isabel Beltran:
My daughter found out she had Lyme disease a few years ago. She contracted it over ten years ago. She had been getting very ill and didn't know what was wrong with her. Two years of treatment has done her well but not to be a 100% but to be able to live her life better with her four children. I am proud of her because she has will and strength to supress her lyme symptoms to put others before her. Its a bad disease and we must all fight to find a cure. But we must first stop what we are doing to spread the word that Lyme disease is a chronic epidemic disease. Keep strong daughter!
Donations made in Isabel's Honor:
Julie Martinez
Tribute To:
Ryan Whiting
California, USA
In Honor Of Ryan Whiting:
After 8 years of being misdiagnosed with Lymphoma - even though he watched his life seem to "slip away " from him... my dear, thoughtful, bright, capable son has maintained his determination to have a "REAL life"... He fights for a quality of life that we ALL take for granted - and yet with him in our lives - our entire family has learned what is truly precious and important. He has taught me courage - by example - and he has taught me what it means to really VALUE one's life. Whatever your stage in battling this disease - don't every quit ! Do NOT let it win. I am so in awe of ALL - who have to deal with this challenge and still persevere. with love and respect for my son, Penny Whiting
Donations made in Ryan's Honor:
Penny Whiting
Tribute To:
Andree Lauterbach
Rhode Island, USA
In Honor Of Andree Lauterbach:
A brave and beautiful soul who fights the good fight with grace and dignity.
Donations made in Andree's Honor:
David Lauterbach
Tribute To:
Dr. Richard Horowitz
New York, USA
In Honor Of Dr. Richard Horowitz:
Donations made in Dr. Richard Horowitz' Honor:
Tribute To:
Kara Niles Sherry
Putnam Valley, NY, USA
In Honor Of Kara Niles Sherry:
Kara is a warrior with a very gentle soul. She takes care of a family, herself and many friends. She has a fire most of us wish we possessed. I respect her determination and look to her for inspiration often. Those that are friends with here know exactly what I'm talking about, she is a force of good in this world. Stay strong Kara!
Donations made in Kara's Honor:
Eric Boggs
Tribute To:
Sara McDonough
Statesboro, GA, USA
Donations made in Sara's Honor:
Laura Agnich
Tribute To:
Joe Sullivan
Virginia, USA
In Honor Of Joe Sullivan:
Joe has been suffering with chronic lyme disease for over three years now. He is wheelchair-bound and continuing treatment. Somehow he remains positive throughout all the dealings with red-tape, financial issues, and everything else this disease throws at him. It's in his honor that we make our donation.
Donations made in Joe's Honor:
Stuart Olsen
Tribute To:
Annie LaBrie
Massachusetts, USA
In Honor Of Annie LaBrie :
Annie is fighting Lyme and meningitis for the second time in a year and is quite I'll.
Donations made in Annie's Honor:
Marjorie Gardner
Tribute To:
Kelly Horgan
New York, USA
In Memory Of Kelly Horgan:
This beautiful woman very recently lost her long and brave battle with Lyme Disease. She was misdiagnosed, and therefore diagnosed late stage. Our physicians desperately need education to stop this from happening again. The world lost a sweet and loving mom, friend, sister and partner, and it didn't have to happen. Rest in peace, my friend.
Donations made in Kelly's Honor:
Andrea Sirianni