Tools To Help Promote LymePowerOfUs

Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector-borne disease worldwide but it can be stopped, if we all speak out and raise our voices. Together our single voice can become a roar. Too many people are becoming debilitated from this disease, some are dying and many are being financially devastated.

That’s where you come in. These tools are a key part of the LymePowerOfUs campaign, which is about getting more people involved in getting the word out and increasing awareness of the Lyme disease epidemic and how important it is to treat this disease early. Our collective voices can make a difference.

Use these tools in your everyday life. Put flyers on cars, wear the message, put the stickers everywhere, post the widgets on your emails, blog....You get the idea. The more people that get the message, the more people will be helped.

Put It Everywhere You Can Think Of


Put it all over your website - all of us together, everywhere.

Add a LymePowerOfUs widget to your blog or website. Show your support for this campaign on your own website! When you add this widget to your site, it allows people to click and be immediately taken to LymePowerOfUs website where they can learn more about the campaign and get involved. Select a size you would like to add to your blog or website and click on the "+" to get the code.

WIDGET 1 - 720 X 90

WIDGET 2 - 200 X 280

WIDGET 3 - 200 x 200

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