What Do You Receive?

First, you get our heartfelt thanks for making this campaign a success.

You also will receive the gifts below when you accrue 50 points. We will send you an email when you hit the mark, and ask you to confirm your shipping address and the Tee Shirt size you would like as well as which wristband you would like.

Gifts You Will Receive

LymePowerOfUs Tee Shirt
LymePowerOfUs Blue Thin Wristband
LymePowerOfUs Black Thin Wristband

Rewards For Top Social Ambassadors

We appreciate you and know that your voice makes all the difference.
So we would like to show our appreciation to you for all of your hard work.

All Social Ambassadors Will Be Recognized on the Website

All Social Ambassadors who register will be shown on the website; with their photo, profile and a link to their twitter, facebook and website pages along with their points earned and rank.

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All Social Ambassadors That Rank Over 150 Points

All Social Ambassadors that reach at least 150 points, will be recognized in the ILADS newsletter and will receive a full conference online video bundle of your choice [valued at approximately $300]. The San Diego Conference Video Bundle will be available near the end of November.

View Boston Video Bundle   View Toronto Video Bundle

Top 3 Social Ambassadors

The top 3 Social Ambassadors (with the most points accrued from click referrals and donations) will each get a ticket to the ILADS San Diego Conference from October 18-20th for the 3 day conference. Additionally, you will receive a ticket to the Gala Awards Dinner where you will be thanked publicly for your hard work. (Value: Up to $1020)

Top Social Ambassador

The Social Ambassador with the most points accrued from click referrals and donations will be recognized and awarded "The Social Ambassador Star Award" at this year's Gala Awards Dinner.