Social Ambassador Profiles

These amazing people have taken on the task of being LymePowerOfUs Social Ambassadors. They are dedicated and passionate and want to transform that dedication into actions that increase awareness of Lyme disease, raise funds to train physicians and support LymeTap, and put an end to the growing epidemic of tick-borne diseases. Their stories are sometimes heart wrenching, often very sad, but more often than not filled with inspiration and hope. These are the faces and stories of people that are making a difference. Find out how you can join them.

Missy Watts-DiMenna
About Missy

I fell ill at 14, suffered for more than a year before being diagnosed with Lyme. I was given 2-3 weeks of oral amoxicillin, and I felt better (I no longer felt like each day was worse than the one before). I never thought I could be any sicker than I was at age 14; we are wrong about so many things as teenagers! Fast forward to the present, I am approaching my 38th birthday and I truly have never been sicker. I have only just begun my foray into treatment for Late Stage Chronic Neuroborreliosis, and God only knows what else. I have an inherent love of science and medicine, and have always felt most at peace and happiest when volunteering (for now, this too has been take by LD). I want to use my experience and inherent talent to do my part in helping to raise awareness, be a voice for those that cannot speak, and to bring an end to suffering this disease causes in anyway I can.


Olivia Evans
About Olivia

My whole life I struggled with being sick. Doctors always told us it was this or that or I was making it up. The summer before my freshman year of highschool I was put on minocycline for acne. I began my freshman year and within the first week i got this awful sudden elbow joint pain and throughout the day it spread down into my hands and fingers. After school i came home and told my mom and she said i was probably just growing. By that weekend i could barely walk and we knew something was wrong. We were just told it was a side effect. I kept getting all of these strange symptoms and my mom would text them all to my uncle who is a nurse and she finally said joint pain and he told my mom to get me tested for lyme. We went in for blood work and I was tested and it came back positive. We were very unsure of what to do for it. We found a doctor who started my treatment, but i progressively got worse. I wasn\'t able to go to school anymore, i had to be carried everywhere because i couldn\'t move. It was getting scary. My doctor at that time had a picc line put in. We found a new doctor because the previous doctor wasn\'t as knowledgeable for late stage/chronic lyme. This new doctor got me into a better state.

waverly, Iowa, US

Lisa Henry
About Lisa

Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed with lupus after a series of strange symptoms -- joint pain, difficulty walking, memory loss, digestive issues. My life was changed in an instant. No longer able to do the activities I once loved. Instead I focused on my long-term care needs, fighting every day to get out of bed, force myself on a treadmill whenever I could bear it, struggle to keep up with my kids, and often collapse in a heap at the end of the day. After years of being passed from one doctor to another told I was not sick enough, that I was wasting their time, that it was all in my head, or that I was crazy, I finally decided this past year as my chronic chest pain increased in frequency and intensity, that enough was enough. I researched a rheumatologist with high marks from my insurance company and even higher marks from patients. Thinking I would finally get a more aggressive treatment plan for my lupus, I was instead told that I have Lyme Disease - for the past 16 years. I am now on an aggressive treatment plan and finally feel clear, strong, awake, and most importantly OPTIMISTIC about my future. I don\'t want this to happen to others. I need to help.

Stafford, Virginia, US

Lori Mattix
About Lori

I was just diagnosed with Lyme , after researching and finding how difficult it is to get treatment.

La , Ca, US

Lubier Horn
About Lubier

I was recently diagnost with Lyme. I did not know much about the disease before. Now, I have learned a lot, and I want to serve in an effort to inform others about this dangerous disease. Thanks!

Friendsville, TN, US

Kristen Clark
About Kristen

Our entire family of 4 has Chronic Lyme Disease. We love the outdoors, camping & live in what used to be the country but is now part of a recent urban sprawl. We see mice and deer in our yard & our beautiful black Lab Bow is treated but it is not unusual for us to see ticks climbing off of him on to the walls of our house to get away from him - i.e., the FrontLine is no longer actually killing the ticks so we switched to a stronger treatment. At some point in time, I am certain we have all been bitten multiple times. Unfortunately, my 14 year old daughter has been affected the worst & missed her 8th grade and we recently pulled her from our county school because she is sicker than she has ever been before. She just got home from a 45 day hospital hospital stay where she was in a catatonic like coma for and awoke paralyzed, is on TPN and G-J feeding tube and can no longer eat by mouth. Of course, the non-literate MDs do not believe in Lyme & they believe this to be a somatic disorder which adds to the frustration of fighting for her life - now we have to turn advocacy into adversarial situations with this ignorant medical doctors. We are desperate to heal our daughter & prevent others from enduring this hell.

Leesburg, VA, US

kristal swope
About kristal

From the time that I became ill to the time that I was diagnosed, almost a year went by. I knew something was wrong but no one seemed to believe me. In my desperate search to find an answer, I consulted nearly 20 different specialists (including many at the Mayo Clinic). Yet, I became increasingly ill with each passing day. Lyme Disease began to deteriorate my eyes, joints, brain and almost every other organ system in my body. I had difficulty multi-tasking, thinking, speaking and most days, even just getting out of bed. Eventually, I did test positive for Lyme Disease. I cried in the doctor\\\'s office out of sheer joy. But, it doesn\\\'t get any easier once you\\\'re diagnosed. This is why I am passionate about educating others about Lyme Disease. I want to help empower others to get the help and treatment they need, teach family, friends and caregivers how to support those suffering from Lyme and advocate for legislative reform on Lyme policies.

New York , New York , US

Krista Voigt
About Krista

I was bitten just on year ago in August 2012. We live on 10 acres in Simcoe County, Ontario. At the time, I was in my backyard gardening and mowing the lawn. My case fell through the cracks even though I had the classic bulls-eye rash and flu-like symptoms. My Lyme Disease was confirmed in April of this year through iGeneX testing via my Naturopath. Eight months after I was bitten, I received a short-term antibiotic, but it was too late to really be effective. I have relied on expensive naturopathic treatments to keep me going, and remain optimistic that some day my case will be counted in the Canadian statistics...

Stayner, ON, CA

Robyn Iuliano
About Robyn

I was diagnosed thru CDC guidelines on May 10, 2010. I didn\\\'t know anything about the disease. Treated wrong and now I have chronic late stage Lyme disease with numerological and arthritic involvement. I have an awesome LLMD and treatment is moving along. I want to help all people with Lyme disease, especially those in the military and those with Lyme induced autism.

Hampton, Virginia, US

Pat Baccili
About Pat

Lyme Talk Radio, hosted by Dr. Pat Baccili is dedicated to the education awareness of Lyme Disease. Dr. Pat will be bringing the most innovative, groundbreaking information, research, treatments innovations, and stories from those it affects everyday. Dr. Pat Baccili and her guests will be helping those who are suffering, connect the dots and help them deal with chronic disease. Tune-in to Lyme Talk Radio and help support our mission. We thank those of you who have been loyal listeners - we plan on enriching the platform for Lyme Disease awareness. The message will continue, the conversations will become stronger, and the healing will be Epic!

Seattle , WA, US