Social Ambassador Profiles

These amazing people have taken on the task of being LymePowerOfUs Social Ambassadors. They are dedicated and passionate and want to transform that dedication into actions that increase awareness of Lyme disease, raise funds to train physicians and support LymeTap, and put an end to the growing epidemic of tick-borne diseases. Their stories are sometimes heart wrenching, often very sad, but more often than not filled with inspiration and hope. These are the faces and stories of people that are making a difference. Find out how you can join them.

Sarah Sanchez
About Sarah

After 17 years of unrelenting fatigue and pain I was near death. I was in a wheelchair most of the time, having seizures and blackouts. I had been saying for two years that I was dying, even though I didn\'t have a diagnosis. Fortunately I finally saw someone who knew about Lyme and ordered a test. knowing it was Lyme was one aspect of the disease, finding a treatment center was another. I went through treatment at Shea medical and have my life back. Everyday is a fight

Rio Rancho, NM, US

Pamela Vincent
About Pamela

I was first diagnosed with Lyme in 2010. I have had recurring symptoms, but have been unable to get the diagnosis. I am looking for an LLMD who can help. in the meantime, I continue researching and am interested in making this more known. It should not be this hard to get treatment.

Gaithersburg, MD, US

Wendy Hasychak
About Wendy

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. I work with patients that have the diagnosis of Lyme and I myself have been recently diagnosed. The mental health field has very little awareness of Lyme disease and its effects on people. I want to be that voice to reach out and educate people in my field.

Manassas, VA, US

Windy Cumberbatch
About Windy

Over the past decade and more I have been seen by as many as 10 different medical physicians for a variety of symptoms, and you canít imagine the amount of money that comes along with all the copays and medication. Everything came to a head last fall when my health took a turn for the worse and I pressed doctors for answers and got copies of my personal medical records. Over 10 years of being misdiagnosed with everything from MS, to Parkinsons Disease, I was finally properly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in 2014. It\'s been quite a struggle as I live in Texas and my LLD practices in Louisiana. I\'ve had the worst time trying to find a medical doctor who would treat me in Texas as it\'s quite the controversy. In addition to Chronic Lyme Disease, I also have two co-infections, Bartonella and Babesia. Every day is a struggle to find relief. My goal in becoming an ILADS Social Ambassador is to help create awareness and help get the word out about this disease that I know is impacting so many in this country.

Pflugerville, Texas, US