Social Ambassador Profiles

These amazing people have taken on the task of being LymePowerOfUs Social Ambassadors. They are dedicated and passionate and want to transform that dedication into actions that increase awareness of Lyme disease, raise funds to train physicians and support LymeTap, and put an end to the growing epidemic of tick-borne diseases. Their stories are sometimes heart wrenching, often very sad, but more often than not filled with inspiration and hope. These are the faces and stories of people that are making a difference. Find out how you can join them.

Leslie Yurchuck
About Leslie

It took me 15 months to get diagnosed. I have been on antibiotics 3 times in 3 years, trying to fight this disease. My complaints have been disregarded by numerous doctors. This has to stop!

Williamstown, NJ, US

Raul Lazea
About Raul

We work in Oncology, and have two boys, one having three Borrelias and many coinfections-neuroborreliosis in late stage. One LLMD from Bucharest, dr Bela Pal Bozsik and Stephen Buhner saved his life. I read and learned a lot, applied the proficiency I gained - capsule filling, herbal extracts, detox procedures, that helped me get him out of that dark hole, and to recognize the same symptoms that our other son started to develop. I made the Romanian subtitles for all the movies from the Under Our Skin community use DVD, with Regan Brashear\\\'s and Steve D\\\'Alimonte\\\'s help. Stephen agreed with my work at the Healing Lyme\\\'s Romanian translation, I am currently working at it. Allan Mac Donald gave me his permission to make the Romanian subtitles for one of his interviews and use it in the awareness work, I am currently working at it. I talked with the local television representatives who said: OK, Raul, bring the doctors and we\\\'ll start an awareness series of shows - I do not have these doctors, they don\\\'t know enough. I translated your Psychiatric brochure, and I would like to have the permission to use it. I have the same goals as yours, even before reading about them on your site. But I am one man, working alone - I need help!

Deva, HD, RO

aliza ashkenazy
About aliza

My dougther died from Lyme disease 14 years the age of 23 and a half. She contracted Lyme when we went visiting her grand-mother in the USA (she was back than 16 years old). When we came back to Israel she became ill. she was misdiagnosed with MS for 4 y.became encephalopathic.went blinde .paralysed. ect.....She was finaly diagnosed with lyme and was treated for more 2 years with the liltle kowledg of the profesour that diagnosed her. At the biginning ther was improvment that didnt lust for long.Than after 6 years we came to USA and she was taking care by doctore Burrascano the \"angel\" that after runnig a lot of test found that she was coinffedted.Aggresive treatment helped her, but back in Israel she could not get this care,and she slipped into coma, and died. I opend a page in the facebook Deiby\'s room for her memory and to spread the awareness of Lyme in ISRAEL to travellers and hoppefully to doctors in Israel that dont know anything about Lyme and I am sure that we have also a lot of people misdiagnosed . This days I am traying to help a Israeli guy name Hagai almog that woorks and lives with his wife and two children in a camp at Santa Rosa also he was misdiagnosed for 2 years and he needs help to fight .

Holon, Israel, IL

Nancy Murphy
About Nancy

My 25 year-old daughter has suffered from late stage Lyme for more than 8 years now and she is still struggling, unable to attend college, hold a job, exercise or maintain any kind of social life. In order to pay the bills, I commute to DC every week where I hold a full-time professional job with the federal government and I also have a part-time job where my home is in Charlottesville, VA. While in Charlottesville, I spend the bulk of my non-working hours taking care of my daughter who is able to live independently. I would love nothing more than to dedicate my full attention to eradicating Lyme, but don\'t have the financial means, so this program looks like a great option for me to get involved in the greater cause, but to do so in the limited amount of free time that I have.

Charlottesville, VA, US

Erin Beit
About Erin

Between the ages of 12 and 15, my family and I participated in the LymeRIX vaccination study in Lyme, Connecticut. Having been part of this study, my family and I received the vaccine. What I didn\'t know until recently, is that the vaccine was known to have caused autoimmune diseases as well as other debilitating conditions such as paralysis. At the age of 29 I was diagnosed with narcolepsy (without cataplexy) and if I think back to my earliest memories of my symptoms of narcolepsy, they coincide with the time I would have received the LymeRIX vaccine, about 15 years old. As a child I was frequently ill with sinus infections, ear infections, I was riddled with anxiety that caused panic attacks, depression, drastic mood changes, etc. Recently, I had unusual symptoms which ranged from a migraine which lasted four weeks and two trips to the ER, joint pain, muscle fatigue, fevers, and the constant feeling of flu symptoms. I found a LLMD, trained through ILADS and he and his team changed my life. They tested me for Lyme and I was positive. I am undergoing treatment and needed to leave my job because I have been so ill. But I hold on to hope! I want to help educate my community about this disease and bring hope to others too!

Norwich, Connecticut , US

Ryan Miller
About Ryan

interested in lyme

San Rafael, CA, US

Heather Lyn Chesky
About Heather Lyn

I am a 34 year old Mother of two children. I have a teaching degree and am now studying Reki through the International Center for Reiki. In 2011 Our son at age 7 was bit by a nymph deer tick and contracted Lyme Disease. He had the Bulls-Eye rash and tested positive right away. With the Guidance of pediatric Indectious Disease specialists from Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia and Tufts University School of Medicine, we felt that our family had a good handle on the situation. Tufts University diagnosed Jim with Post Lyme Syndrome. Our Experience with the School District, and with general population was rather negative and traumatizing. In 2013 Jim had Become extremely ill druing the winter and lost 20 llbs. When I took him to ER, the on call Physician called children and youth, where they had subsequently taken our son away from us for 10 days and out him in a mental institution. Despite the Fact that he had a positive Lyme test, and our expression that we had feared for his life, the County and Hospital in Pennsylvania seemed oblivious to his medical condition. We have since moved into another community, and changed school districts. Jim is now 11. He is finally thriving academically.

Hawley, Pennsylvania, US

Caitlin Piotrowski
About Caitlin

I have been sick since August 2012, and it took 7 months of searching to find a doctor who knew about Lyme Disease to diagnose and treat me. As a young 22 year old, my whole life had been uprooted. I was in the midst of new job after college and enjoying life being a recent grad. However, all of that had to change as I was unable to leave the house for months and months due to extreme fatigue, dizziness, body pains, numbness, confusion...the list goes on and on. Finally, a flu year after a diagnosis, I am finally feeling like I am able to restart my life. I think it is imperative that we spread the word about this debilitating illness so that others are aware of how life altering it can be. I would never want anyone to be in my situation, longing to know what is wrong with them and how they can get better. My hope is for better diagnostic testing as well as more medical awareness of this disease because those people fighting it are real and the only way to spread awareness is to share our stories.

Havertown, PA, US

antonio albano
About antonio

My name is Antonio Albano and lyme disease has had a great impact on me, and my family. on Halloween last year my father passed away from complications due to lymes disease, and I would like to help out.

poughkeepsie, ny, US

Abey Higgins
About Abey

I have been struggling with Lyme disease for at least 5 years now that I am sure of. I had been struggling for years and I was diagnosed with an assortment of health problems. I was sent to endocrinologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and the list goes on. The fatigue and physical pain and problems were hard, but the psychological suffering was by far the worst. I was afraid of everything and everyone. At my rock bottom I could not leave my house for 6 months or even talk to my closest friends or relatives without feeling intense anxiety. At age 21 I truly felt my life was not worth living. Thanks to my family and their persistence and undying support and love I finally was diagnosed at 22. I am on my way to recovering after receiving a year of oral antibiotics and I am currently receiving intravenous therapy. I am so grateful for where I am today . I am back at school studying community health and hope to make a career out of helping others with Lyme disease. I was incredibly lucky to have the support from my family and friends, but many other people do not. I desperately want to play my part to help spread the word about this terrible disease and to offer support to others struggling in anyway I can.

Camden, ME, US