ILADS Pioneer Award

Dr. Nick Harris to Receive the ILADS Pioneer Award

If you have Lyme disease or work with tickborne disease patients, you well know how important Dr. Nick Harris' contributions have been to all of us.

Dr. Harris was one of the founders of ILADS. His steadfast dedication to the scientific diagnosis of Lyme disease through groundbreaking laboratory testing has provided the scientific community with new diagnostic tools and has greatly improved the ability of healthcare providers to diagnose these often debilitating diseases. The beneficiaries of his work are the millions of people worldwide who suffer from Lyme and associated tickborne diseases.

Dr. Harris' most significant contribution has been to those with Lyme and associated tickborne diseases who have been misdiagnosed or remain undiagnosed for many years. His creative and rational testing methods have shed new light on the unconscionable misdiagnoses fostered by many in the medical and mental health communities. Because of Dr. Harris, those suffering from chronic Lyme disease and other persistent tickborne diseases have renewed hope.

Another of his major contributions to the tickborne disease field has been his donations to LymeTap, a program run by Ferndale Foundation in coordination with Lyme Patients Assistance Group that provides assistance for initial Lyme-related lab tests to patients who are in financial need. Dr. Harris has also been a generous supporter of the ILADS physician training program, which insures that a future generation of physicians will provide much-needed care for patients suffering from tickborne diseases.

Dr Harris, you have truly been a pioneer in your work and we salute your unending dedication to tickborne disease patients world-wide. Undeterred by the often harsh and unfair criticism of narrow-minded opponents, you persisted in your work knowing that in the end what mattered was the alleviation of suffering endured by patients.

You have the deepest respect of members and supporters of ILADS everywhere, and we honor you for having enhanced the quality of people's lives and transforming suffering into joy. You are an ILADS Pioneer.

Nick Harris, PhD

About Dr. Nick Harris

Dr. Nick Harris, a board certified immunologist, is currently the President and CEO of IGeneX Laboratory, which he founded in 1991. IGeneX, Inc. is a specialty immunology laboratory and research facility, providing personalized service to over 1,000 private practice physicians, hospitals, and other clinical reference laboratories throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The laboratory also functions as a pilot site for diagnostic manufacturers in the introduction of new assays, and has extensive collaborative agreements with multiple research groups. IGeneX is CLIA-certified, inspected by the Department of Health and Human Services for Medicare testing, is approved in all states that accept CMS licensure and in those states with special requirements (California, Florida, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania).

Dr Harris’ undergraduate training was at the Univ. of Wisconsin and graduate training at the Medical Center, Univ. of Illinois, in Chicago. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in transplantation immunology at the Univ. of Minnesota, he became an Associate Professor of Surgery and Biochemistry at the Univ. of Texas.

He left academia to head the immunology department at Bioscience Laboratories in Los Angeles, then joined 3M Diagnostic Systems as Technical Director. Dr. Harris has three patents, over 100 formal publications in immunology and Lyme disease, and three book chapters. He helped found ILADS in 1999 and is an active member of numerous societies. He is on the Board of Directors of CALDA and of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society Education Foundation.

Chronic Lyme disease

Dr. Nick Harris speaking about the Markers for Chronic Lyme disease.