We need your artistic skills to help make the gala for Dr. Jones a truly star-studded event!  At the same time, you can help ILADEF raise money for programs to teach more pediatricians about Lyme disease and its associated illnesses.

Download and print the pdf file and decorate it. Sign your artwork! You can write a note to Dr. Jones on the star too if you’d like.

Decide how much money to donate to the fundraiser — $5 or $10 would be great, but any amount will help.  Checks should be made out to ILADEF.  The memo can say “Dr. Jones Gala.”  Put your artwork and check in an envelope and mail it to:

c/o Sue Ferrara
PO Box 3202
Mercerville, NJ 08619

Or you can donate on the ILADS website using PayPal.

The stars will be used to decorate the room where Dr. Jones will be given the ILADEF Pioneer Award.

Please try and have all artwork and checks in by October 5, 2014.

Thanks everyone!