I want to thank the membership for the confidence in choosing me as your President. This is a humbling experience for which I want to also thank my predecessors for creating the organization we have today.

I have positive memories of my first ILADS meeting ~12 years ago, where I was provided a cogent argument regarding the concept of chronic Lyme disease. That in fact, this likely represented an infectious etiology for a substantive number of my patients who were otherwise being characterized as having “idiopathic” Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This was an important step in my professional journey to manage these oftentimes complex, multisystem patients. In so doing, this has opened me to new insights as I and others drive to improve outcomes for these frequently peripheralized individuals. We are collectively moving our paradigm of treating these chronically ill patients into mainstream acceptance.

In that very first ILADS conference 12 years ago, I have fond memories of hearing pioneers such as Joe Burrascano in his “Running a Lyme Practice.” This was a crucial experience that helped begin my transformation into a “Lyme literate” clinician. I hope that we as an organization can do that for you.

My vision
Continue to move this organization to be THE preeminent professional organization in the field of Lyme and other tick borne diseases. This will require leveraging the diversity, expertise and motivation of YOU, the membership by your participation in committees and work groups. In so doing, we will have a better capacity to achieve our mutual goals:

  • Physician education
    • basics/advanced; web bases, lectures
    • While moving towards a formal certification process
  • Generating more value added membership services
    • Web based
      • Communications
      • Webinars
  • Cultivate respect between clinicians, academics, researchers, advocates, governmental agencies and politicians. This is crucial as we seek to collaborate with others in our mutual goals of improving our understanding and management of this condition we call Lyme disease.

I appreciate the opportunity provided to me by the membership in helping to shape the future of OUR organization.

Samuel M. Shor, MDSamuel Shor, MD, FACP
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society