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ILADS Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines Summary

ILADS guideline members: Daniel Cameron, Andrea Gaito, Nick Harris, Gregory Bach, Sabra Bellovin, Kenneth Bock, Steven Bock, Joseph Burrascano, Constance Dickey, Richard Horowitz, Steven Phillips, MD Laurence Meer-Scherrer, Bernard Raxlen, Virginia Sherr, Harold Smith, Pat Smith President, and Raphael Stricker.

In early 2004, The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) released the first evidence-based comprehensive set of Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines to assist physicians, public health officials and organizations involved in the evaluation and treatment of Lyme disease. The Lyme Disease Association (national) and the California Lyme Disease Association endorsed the Guidelines which were then peer-reviewed and made available to professionals and to the public. Read More »

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Guidelines for the management of Lyme disease

November 1st, 2006

(Please be aware that this is a large size file, so it can take several minutes to download) Read More »

Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses

September, 2008

In general, you can think of LB as having three categories: acute, early disseminated, and chronic. The sooner treatment is begun after the start of the infection, the higher the success rate. However, since it is easiest to cure early disease, this category of LB must be taken VERY seriously. Undertreated infections will inevitably resurface, usually as chronic Lyme, with its tremendous problems of morbidity and difficulty with diagnosis and treatment and high cost in every sense of the word. So, while the bulk of this document focuses of the more problematic chronic patient, strong emphasis is also placed on earlier stages of this illness where closest attention and care must be made. Read More »

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