International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society
Leaders in Lyme Disease Education and Training

Speaker: Nick S. Harris, PhD

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012

Markers for Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Nick Harris, a board certified immunologist, is currently the President and CEO of IGeneX Laboratory, which he founded in 1991 and Vice-President and Co-founder of ID-FISH Technology Inc. IGeneX is a leading reference laboratory for diagnosis of Lyme and associated diseases. ID-FISH is a biotechnology company that specializes in development of Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) assays for infectious diseases. They have developed FISH assays for direct detection and speciation of malaria parasites in blood films and mycobacteria in sputum specimens and cultures. Dr. Harris’s undergraduate training was at the Univ. of Wisconsin and graduate training at the Medical Center, Univ. of Illinois, in Chicago. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in transplantation immunology at the Univ. of Minnesota, he became an Associate Professor of Surgery and Biochemistry at the Univ. of Texas. He left academia to head the immunology department at Bioscience Laboratories in L.A., then he joined 3M Diagnostic Systems as Technical Director. Dr. Harris has seven patents, over 100 formal publications in Immunology and Lyme Disease, and three book chapters. He helped found ILADS in 1999 and is an active member of numerous societies. He is on the Board of Directors of CALDA and ILADS.