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ILADS 6th European Lyme Disease Conference
Helsinki, Finland
10 – 11 June 2016

Call for Abstracts for the 6th European Lyme Disease Conference is now open.


The ILADEF Foundation Research committee has been established with the mission to encourage international researchers, students as well as clinicians to develop research programs and protocols, which would benefit the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne illnesses.

To that end two researchers will be invited to present their papers in the basic science/clinical research area at the annual scientific session in Helsinki. These two researchers will be eligible for up to 500 euros. An abstract submission will be used for judging for these oral presentations. In addition, up to 8 student travel grants of 500 euros will be awarded for the best abstracts submitted for poster presentations. Proof of student registry is needed and both medical and PhD students are encouraged to apply. Due date for submission of abstract is 1 April 2016. Submit to

Abstract instructions are as follows:

Presentation title
 (Arial, 12pt font bold, left aligned, Sentence case and not exceeding 15 words)

Authors (Arial, 10pt font, First name, Surname, Presenting Author to be underlined, Affiliations numbered in superscript)
e.g.Leona Gilbert1, Leena Meriläinen2, & Ray Stricker2

Affiliations (Arial, 10pt font Italics, superscript number, Affiliation, City, Country)
e.g. 1Univerisity of Jyväskylä Sydney, Finland, 2University of Helsinki, Finland

Abstract text (Arial, 12pt font, single spaced, justified text, maximum 300 words)
Abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here. Abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here. Abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here abstract here. 
  • Use standard abbreviations only. Within the body of the abstract, when using abbreviations spell out the name in full at the first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parenthesis. Abbreviations may be used in the title, provided the name in full is outlined in the body of the abstract
  • Your abstract should clearly, and where applicable, concisely outline the Background, Research Aims/Objectives, Methodology, Results/Findings and Conclusions without subheadings and references.
Deadline for Abstracts is April 1st 2016.

Posters: The individuals will be standing by their posters as seen in the program for the attendees to come up and talk to them about it.

Poster instructions: Each author is allotted net space of 3’8″ (111.8 cm) HIGH by 2’10″ (86.36 cm) WIDE and posters should be formatted in PORTRAIT/VERTICAL format.

Mounting and Arranging Materials
  • Prepare a heading at the top of your poster indicating the abstract title, authors and affiliations.
  • Letter should be at least 1” (2.54 cm) high.
  • Materials should be mounted on thin, colored poster paper or cardboard and mounted on the poster board with push pins that will be provided.
  • Arrange materials in columns.
Important Display Reminders
  • Your presentation must be legible from a distance of at least 3’ (91.44 cm). Keep visual materials simple and clear.
  • Detailed information should be provided in smaller type below the heading. Details of methodology should be brief and should be brief and should be placed at the end of the legend.
  • Simple use of color can add effective emphasis.
  • Do not write or paint on your board.
Abstract text (Arial, 12pt font, single spaced, justified text, maximum 300 words)