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ILADS gives Input to NIH on research priorities regarding tick-borne diseases

The NIH is developing a strategic plan to advance tickborne disease (TBD) research and development over the next five years and beyond.  This Request for Information (RFI) invited comments and suggestions on the tickborne diseases (TBD) research priorities NIH should continue or adopt over the coming years. The deadline for submission was March 13, 2019. …

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Tests for Lyme Miss Early Cases – But a New Approach Might Help

“‘I have to use clinical judgement quite often in early Lyme,” said Dr. Daniel Cameron, who leads a private practice specializing in Lyme in Mt. Kisco, N.Y., and has been treating Lyme for 30 years. “But there are doctors who are still waiting for that [positive] test, and if they can’t confirm it with a test, they’re reluctant to diagnose Lyme, and they don’t treat.’”

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