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ILADS members gain access to:

  • Community of Experts

    A forward-thinking Lyme and tick-borne disease medical and research community, gathered together on our members-only site.

  • Member Forums

    ILADS members have access to the world’s largest and most experienced group of clinical experts on tick-borne diseases. Practicing clinicians can pose questions about clinical care and advances in the field to their colleagues and receive personal responses from the experts.

  • Specialization

    Join groups based on your specialties and interests to share insights and best practices.

  • Discounts for the ILADS Annual Scientific Conference

    ILADS members receive a discounted rate for all ILADS-sponsored conferences.

  • Physician Training Program

    Study with leading clinical experts in a 1-on-1 week-long session. Participants shadow a designated expert as they take on the challenges of treating patients with Lyme and other tick-borne disease. Pairings are individually tailored to meet the educational needs of participants, regardless of their general experience level or familiarity with tick-borne disease.

  • Research & Training Materials

    Access cutting-edge ideas and works from fellow ILADS members, including published papers, infographics, videos and more.