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Research & Literature

Leading Research

ILADS member papers, as well as pertinent research by others in the field.

Lyme Controversy

An overview of the many areas of debate about tick-borne illness, from the existence of persistent to Lyme, to controversy over diagnosis and testing.

Lyme Disease Basics

A primer for medical providers.

Lyme Disease 101 Series at ILADEF

Our sister organization’s materials for patients and anyone looking to expand their understanding of Lyme.

Banerjee et al. 1994

In 1994 Dr. S.N Banerjee, along with his wife Dr. Maya Banerjee, presented their paper at the LDF International Conference at Stamford, CT. This paper is the seminal reference for Borrelia bissettiae in Canada, and is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a greater understanding of chronic Lyme disease.