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ILADS & Lyme in the News

Integrative & Functional Medicine Physicians from Amen Clinics To Speak at 2019 International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society Conference

Report on the Southern Tier Lyme Support Conference

Lyme Disease Treatment Trends

Everything about Lyme disease is steeped in controversy. Now some doctors are too afraid to treat patients

Find a tick on your dog, your child, or your shirt? Send it to Drexel

Lyme Disease on Rise Amid Diagnosis, Treatment Controversy

Lyme disease, tick-borne infections on rise as controversy over diagnosis, treatment persist

Guidelines adopted by insurers contributory to death of Lyme patients

Tests for Lyme Miss Early Cases – But a New Approach Might Help

LITTLE BITE, BIG THREAT: For some Lyme sufferers, symptoms linger