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Unity In Lyme

Dark-skinned patients are at higher risk for missed or late diagnosis of Lyme. According to the CDC, it can take as much as seven times longer for dark-skinned patients to be identified with Lyme disease when compared to light-skinned patients. As a result, dark skinned individuals who contract the disease are more likely than white individuals to experience serious side effects such as neurological and heart problems. This is due in large part to the lack of clinical training at diagnosing the disease in melanotic skin.

ILADEF is committed to providing physicians with the tools and resources necessary to correctly diagnose and treat Lyme in the full range of skin presentations, including in dark-skinned people. A special fund has been established for the Shades of Lyme campaign to help support physician training and to improve detection and treatment of Lyme disease in dark-skinned patients. With your support we can create change. Every donation is a step closer to ending this unnecessary suffering. Please use the link below to help support this important cause.

Photo Library

ILADS is working to create a photo library of Lyme disease in varying skin shades to help educate medical professionals in recognizing Lyme and associated diseases in their patients. If you have photos to donate to the library, please use this form to upload them.