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ILADS > ILADEF Welcomes New Officers and Directors

In November, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Education Foundation welcomed officers and directors for the 2018 term. Dr. Ronald Wilson, who served as secretary over the last term, became our new president. Dr. Wilson brings not only his decades of experience as a physician, but also his personal experience of a family impacted by Lyme disease, to his position.

The ILADEF board also welcomed new members Dr. Garth Ehrlich, PhD, Professor at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, to serve as treasurer. Dr. Eboni Cornish, a Virginia-based clinician focusing on Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other chronic conditions, became our secretary.

Dr. Jyotsna Shah, PhD, CCLD, MBA, President and Laboratory Director of IGeneX Clinical Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, also joined the ILADEF board. She is joined by Dr. Magdalena Cubala-Kucharska, MD, PhD, who is Director of Arcana Institute of Integrative Medicine in Warsaw, Poland.

Along with veteran directors Drs. Leonna Gilbert, PhD and Marianne Middelveen, MDes, these members demonstrate excellence and leadership in their fields. Under the guidance of these clinicians and researchers, ILADEF expects great things as it works to educate medical professionals and achieve better outcomes for patients with tick-borne disease. Read more about our officers and directors

While we said goodbye to Dr. Leo Shea III, as president of the ILADEF board, we said hello again as he assumed the mantle of board president of our sister organization, ILADS. Dr. Kristine Gedroic also transitioned to the ILADS board. With gratitude for their dedication, the ILADEF board bid goodbye to Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, who served as our treasurer, as well as Dr. Raphael Stricker, who retired from the foundation’s board after many years of service.