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ILADS > ILADS Welcomes New Board Members

ILADS is pleased to welcome its 2018 directors, including President Leo Shea III, PhD. Dr. Shea serves as an associate professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Rusk Institute of New York University-Langone Medical Center, and as president of Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment Service where he focuses on tick-borne diseases, traumatic brain injury, chronic illness and trauma. He is Chairman Emeritus of the National Research Fund for Tick-borne Diseases, Inc. which funds scientific research at major medical and academic institutions. He also serves on the Scientific and Community Advisory Board for the study of Lyme disease at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Shea takes the reins from Dr. Samuel Shor, under whose guidance ILADS solidified its role as a champion of evidence-based treatment of Lyme.

ILADS also welcomes president-elect Dr. B. Robert Mozayeni. Dr. Mozayeni, a distinguished physician-scientist and expert in translational medicine. He is currently Chief Medical Officer at Galaxy Diagnostics in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Mozayeni will serve a two-year term as president-elect before transitioning into the role of president.

In addition, ILADS is pleased to welcome to the board Dr. Kristine Gedroic, a long-time Lyme advocate with a practice in New Jersey, Dr. Andrew Petersen, who founded an integrative practice in Utah, and Dr. Linda Williams, a Seattle-area physician and psychiatrist. These distinguished physicians join secretary Dr. Stephen Bock, treasurer Dr. Elizabeth Maloney, immediate past-president Dr. Samuel Shor, and directors Dr. Mualla McManus and Dr. Crystal Barnwell. These doctors and researchers, reflecting a diverse array of experiences, backgrounds, and specialties, together steer ILADS with an inclusive and forward-thinking approach to the treatment of tick-borne illnesses. Read more about our members.

ILADS says goodbye to Dr. Daniel Cameron, former immediate past-president, and Drs. Philip DeMio, Kenneth Liegner and Farshid Sam Rahbar. ILADS owes a debt of gratitude to these distinguished practitioners, who generously provided their expertise and guidance to ILADS in the furtherance of better care for patients with Lyme.